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Strong(wo)man Competition

Neuse River CrossFit is excited to bring the first annual Neuse River Brew Down in conjunction with Neuse River Brewing Company!

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Logan Aldridge Foundation for adaptive athletes. Inclusive for all, not just for some.

This competition will a be NAS sanctioned level 1 event and have the following weight divisions:

Novice LW up to 160lbs
Novice HW 160lbs+
LW Up to 120lbs
LW Up to 140lbs
MW Up to 160lbs
MW Up to 180lbs
HW 180.1lbs+

Novice LW up to 200lbs
Novice HW 200lbs+
LW Up to 150lbs
LW Up to 175lbs
MW Up to 200lbs
MW Up to 230lbs
HW Up to 265lbs
HW 265lbs+

If we get enough athletes to fill a heavier or lighter weight division we will not move anyone! We must have however at least 5 athletes set in each division for it to qualify. ANY divisions NOT filling 5 seats will be moved into a class to combine!


Each entry includes a beer from Neuse River Brewery as well as an event shirt!
There will be beer available for sale that will be custom made JUST FOR OUR EVENT!
Athlete heats will be assigned based on when you sign up! Last one to sign up is first one to go!!
Prizes awarded to podiums!
Sign up and reserve your space because it will be limited.



~Axle Clean and Press - Event will be run as "Last Man Standing," model meaning that the heaviest weight lifting increasing by increments of 20# for men/10# for women. Bar weight will begin at 135#Male/95#Female - Take it or leave it style meaning if you miss you are eliminated but you do NOT have to lift EVERY weight loaded. Your score will be the heaviest load successfully lifted - you will have 60 seconds for EACH weight attempt.

~Keg Hoist - WEIGHTS TBD - Keg will be attached to a rope over a beam approximately 15ft up. Athlete will be seated on opposite side of the beam from the keg and will perform an arm over arm pull to hoist the keg vertically. Athlete may chose to be anchored to a tire and the lift will be performed for time.

~Keg/Yoke Medley - :90 for a 50ft yoke carry running back to start point to do a moderate keg carry to the yoke. You will then place the keg OVER the yoke and then run back for a heavy keg carry back to yoke. With time remaining complete as many heavy keg load over yoke bar as possible. Medley will have 2 scores. Time to complete carries and reps completed after. YOKE HEIGHT TO BE DETERMINED BASED ON MID CHEST LINE!

**Male weights: Novice LW 480/150/175 - HW 500/175/205 OPEN: LW 500/175/205 - MW 600/205/235 - HW 700/235/265

**Female weights: Novice LW 280/75/100 HW 300/100/135 OPEN: LW 300/100/135 MW 380/135/150 - HW 460/150/175

~Pressing Medley - Complete as many reps IN THE LISTED ORDER as possible within :60 - Axle / Circus (or dumbell) / Log / Keg - Your score will be total reps completed

**Male weights: Novice LW 135/90/135/135 HW 185/120/185/175 OPEN: LW 185/120/185/175 MW 205/150/205/205 HW 225/180/225/235

**Female weights: Novice LW 95/55/95/75 HW 110/65/110/90 OPEN: LW 110/65/110/90 MW 120/75/120/100 HW 130/85/130/110

Neuse River CrossFit - 7711 Welborn Street Suite 105, Raleigh NC 27615

Bring a friend to have a beer with you while you lift some heavy stuff! There will be food trucks there as well as some other vendors.

Earlier Event: August 31
Live Music: Autumn Nicholas
Later Event: September 1
Cockadoodlemoo Food Truck