Our Beer

At Neuse River Brewing Co. we concentrate on Belgian style ales and IPAs. Our goal is to pay homage to traditional styles of beer, although, we are also passionate about experimenting with contemporary concepts and bridging the gaps between the two.



Belgian Tripel

ABV 10.5%

The origin of the Belgian Tripel traces its roots back to the Trappist Monastary of Westmalle. Affluent is blended with an intricate complexion of moderate fruit esters and delivers a robust ABV with minimized alcohol flavor. The addition of higher-than-typical amounts of candi sugar lends to a darker version of the classically golden hued ale. With essence of raisin and pear on the nose, and banana and burnt caramel flavors on the palate, Affluent quickly became one of our most sought after beverages. But please remember to consume responsibly. That devilishly sneaky ABV will getcha!

Bière de Neuse


ABV 4%

The Saison (translated as “season”) is a drier pale ale known for high attenuation and a spicier yeast strain. Dating back to the 1800’s, the Saison originated in Wallonia, a French speaking region of southern Belgium. Traditionally brewed in the winter months, saisons would age until the summer when they were brought out for the farmhouse workers of the time who were allotted to imbibe up to five liters each workday as a way to combat dehydration when local water supplies were unfit for consumption. Slightly dry and with a hint of citrus, our saison’s complexion is subtle but distinctive and is one of our favorite session beers.

Bobbi Brune

Smoked Brown Ale

ABV 6%

Hailing from Great Britain, the brown ale has established itself as a favorite staple for beer aficionados everywhere. Brewed with a lighter hop profile and originally comprised of 100% brown malt, the brown ale started out as a sweeter but fuller bodied companion to the traditional milder ales of England. Incorporating this foundation but departing from the previous norm, our Bobbi Brune ambles off on an unorthodox but gentle stroll laced with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice. This eclectic collection of old time is flavor is further enhanced with the addition of smoked cherrywood malt, creating a unique yet well-balanced ale… possibly destined for some quality time in a bourbon barrel (hint, hint). As for now we’re pleased to offer an easy drinking brown with subtle notes of smoked and hints of caramel and vanilla suitable for any time of year.


High Noon

Imperial IPA

ABV 7.8%

Caleb’s High Noon, blended to showcase the true form of a West Coast Imperial IPA with our own brand of East Coast craft, engulfs the senses from boil to bottle. An unrepentant outlaw brewed to remind your palate that the high alpha acid Simcoe, Columbus, and Centennial hops are a force to be reckoned with. With a robust, piney flavor this 100+ IBU brute will have you armed and ready to face the  final showdown.

Laila’s Midnight


Dark IPA

ABV 6%

The British found that in sending beer to their troops stationed in India they needed to add more hops to act as a preservative. In doing so the added bitterness created a newly sought after flavor profile inevitably leading to the birth of the IPA. Laila’s Midnight takes the experiment a step further by adding a dash of nutty Midnight malt and a few other inspired hints of roasted malt flavor to produce a well-balanced and mystically vibrant dark IPA.

La Belge aDorẻe

Belgian Strong Golden

ABV 7.2%

La Belge aDorẻe as written has a double meaning of “The Belgian Adored” (adorẻe) as well as “The Belgian Golden” (Dorẻe). Originally brewed with the intent of compromise between staple European lagers and French wines, the Belgian Golden prides itself in the balance of spice and fruit notes with full-bodied flavor. Our Golden’s delicate flavor profile and deceptively high ABV packs a beguiling but mellow punch perfect for spring afternoons and summer evenings everywhere.


(temporary unavailable)

ABV 9%

An inviting introduction for the novice craft beer drinker and a rendolent change of pace for the aficionado, this saison’s hoppier than usual profile converges with its floral aroma and slight crisp bite of citrus to raft through your taste buds with an easy friendly drift. Shimmering with a pale straw hue and a white wispy head, Neusiok’s mild tart opening and mellow finish releases the senses to wading streams of honeysuckle nectar.

Riverkeeper’s Wit

Belgian Witbier (Wheat)

ABV 6%

The traditional Belgian Style Wit is distinguished by its prominent notes of coriander and orange peel. The balance of wheat and malts with a moderate addition of hops in our Riverkeeper’s Wit creates a light-style ale that’s easy on the eyes and even easier on the palate. A portion of every Riverkeeper will be donated to help clean and maintain our wonderful Neuse River and its surrounding tributaries.

Down River & Stream

NRBC Side Series:

At NRBC we have two limited production series of varying flavor and funk!

The STREAMSIDE series constantly reimagines and introduces new flavors as seasonal and one off batches at NRBC and will consistently keep you on your toes!


Mouton Noir

Belgian Stout

ABV 8.8%

Meaning “Black Sheep”, this Belgian style Stout is brewed with milk sugar, oats and roasted malts. It’s dark, heady and perfect to keep you warm during the cold Raleigh winter.

Streamside Passion Fruit


ABV 4%

A kettle sour brewed with 27 pounds per barrel of passion fruit. Sour and fruity and perfect for warm NC days and nights.

Streamside Citra 2.0

Hoppy Pale Ale

ABV 5.1%

Playing off our 2016 release of Streamside Citra, a Citra SMaSH IPA, this beer utilized only Citra hops but is a pale ale brewed with the addition of wheat. It’s light and citrusy and perfect for those who like “hoppy but not too hoppy”.


Fleur de Saison, Saison brewed with Jarrylo hops (June 9 release)

III, Rye Tripel

Streamside Apricot, Sour


2015/2016 Misfit Wit, Witbier

Bourbon Barrel Aged Bobbi Brune

Streamside Citra SMaSH IPA

Streamside Tamarind, Sour

Streamside Mango, Sour

Hoppy Amber

Amarillo Monroe, Hoppy Blonde

Dark & Stormy, Saison

Jadin au Povire, Saison

The DOWN RIVER series explores the funky side of Belgium, by introducing wild yeast and brewers bacteria to barrel aged brews, that will make you pucker with pride.


White Wine Barrel Aged Bière de Neuse with Peach, Brettanomyces and Champagne Yeast (750ml bottle)


Red Wine Barrel Aged Bière de Neuse with Tart Cherry, Brettanomyces and Champagne Yeast (750ml bottle)