About NRBC


At Neuse River Brewing Co. we concentrate on Belgian style ales and IPAs. Our goal is to pay homage to the traditional styles of beer which have been perfected throughout time although we are also passionate about experimenting with contemporary concepts and bridging the gaps between the two. Neuse River Brewing Co. incorporates sustainable practices and buys local whenever possible in an effort to support our neighbors.

NRBC is located just outside the Five Points area in Raleigh, North Carolina. The 68 year old building, originally built for restoring and building firetrucks, houses the 20bbl brewhouse and tasting room. When visiting NRBC, our guests are able to enjoy one of our Belgian inspired ales while taking in a view of the downtown Raleigh city skyline or relaxing beside the herb garden.

NRBC provides a gathering place for friends, family and community to share stories and quality time with one another. And, if we’re lucky, our beers will help to inspire new stories and memories for many years to come.